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Straight from the horses mouth

This week I had the privilege of being interviewed by a radio station in Singapore...93.8, on Equine Assisted Therapy. One year ago I began my journey in this area of therapy, not knowing how and where I would be able to practice. After several years of offering traditional talk therapy I wanted something more experiential. I grew up with horses and miss that deep connection with a horse. When I came across the website of 'Natural Lifemanship' I knew this was the model I wanted to learn. My clinical experience has been mostly focused on trauma so this was right in line with what I loved to do...and using horses!!

I owned a horse as a kid. Like many of us who owned a horse, we knew there was something special about the relationship with our horse. I often tell people that I believe my horse saved my life! Horses have this incredible ability for connection which teaches us what a healthy secure attachment feels like. I needed that as a kid, much like many of the clients I work with need the healing of a secure attachment. Once they experience this with the horse, the goal is this connection transfers into their human relationships. It's all about connection with self, connection with others.

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