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On the path to my authentic self - words from a client

I was very drawn to the idea of working with horses as a therapeutic tool when I found Cathy's Equine Assisted Therapy offering online. Indeed I found it to be very different to traditional "talk therapy". Although we did discuss matters which arose during sessions, working with the horse meant that I had to drop much more into my body and feel somatically - versus ruminating in my head about everything (as I was prone to do).

I found that this somatic work, using rhythm, sounds and a felt connection with the horse would bring up emotional releases for me which would simply bubble up as if from nowhere!

Somehow the different environment of stables, horses, sights, sounds and interaction with the specific horse I worked with was truly healing on a level that is difficult to explain. The sessions also really helped to calm and regulate my nervous system.

In every session I found it very helpful to have the horse act as a barometer for when I was being my authentic self. Towards the end of our 8 sessions, I also had a particularly deep connecting experience with the horse, which was profoundly moving for me.

The whole experience of Equine Assisted Therapy is hard to explain in words but I found it to be deeply healing. It has also finally set me on the path (after trying many modalities and much "healing work") to expressing my authentic self in the world.

written by a female adult client

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