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Welcome! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing how I may walk alongside you in your journey.

If you are looking for Counselling/Therapy I work both in a traditional office setting or in an outdoor experiential setting incorporating and partnering with horses through Equine Assisted Therapy (read more by clicking on the tab).

If you are looking for a clinical supervisor I am currently available to take in more supervisees. 

I am a Registered Clinical Member and a Registered Clinical Supervisor with Singapore Association for Counselling. 

Check out the article on Equine Assisted Therapy 

Toby, one of our equine partners

"I was very drawn to the idea of working with horses as a therapeutic tool when I found out about Equine Assisted Therapy. Indeed I found it to be very different from traditional "talk therapy". Although we did discuss matters which arose during sessions, working with the horse meant that I had to drop much more into my body and feel somatically - versus ruminating in my head about everything (as I was prone to do)." Adult client

Life to the Fullest
John 10:10




Your Greatest Self.


"The whole experience of Equine Assisted Therapy is hard to explain in words but I found it to be deeply healing. It has also finally set me on the path (after trying many modalities and much "healing work") to expressing my authentic self in the world." Client

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Cathy with 'I am Special'

I am a Counsellor and Psychotherapist for adults and youth. I have worked with those who struggle with trauma, depression, anxiety,  and adjustments in life. My area of specialty is in the area of trauma and recovery.

 It is a joy to walk alongside someone and watch as they begin to experience freedom and can live life to the fullest as it was intended to be lived. 

My Practice consists of traditional talk therapy (office) and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. I am also a registered Clinical Supervisor with Singapore Association for Counselling.

For Equine Assisted Therapy you do not need previous experience with horses. The work is done on the ground with the horse and is not necessarily riding.

I work with ages 12 and above.

Cathy Livingston

Calming presence of a sunset



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